Jack Tan
"Mythologies", 2016
Jack Tan (b. 1971, Singapore) is a Singaporean artist based in London. He creates performances, performatives, sculpture, video and participatory projects that highlight the socio-legal: customs, rituals, habits and theories that guide human behavior. Prior to becoming an artist, Jack worked in civil litigation and non-governmental organisations undertaking human rights case and policy work. 
Jack Tan’s recent solo exhibition, How To Do Things With Rules, at the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore included a live singing litigation process called Karaoke Court. His upcoming residency, Silence in Court?, on voice and the law will take place with the Community Justice Centre at the Singapore State and Supreme Courts. Later in 2016, Jack will also work with Arebyte, a London gallery specialising in digital and performance practices, to present a research exhibition on legal aesthetics. Jack is also currently a visiting lecturer in sculpture at Brighton University and in fine art at Goldsmiths College, London.